Keep your tenants longer, with a resident-centered approach to apartment management.

RadiusBlue is a Resident Retention Software for apartment management companies that:

  • Makes your renewal process more productive
  • Measurably improves occupancy rates
  • Humanizes relationships with your residents
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Engage Residents

The RadiusBlue mobile application allows residents to:

  • Communicate between residents and property management staff.

  • Interact with other residents through activity postings.

  • Conveniently perform tasks related to living in the apartment complex.

Tap Menu or Swipe Left and Right


Residents create events and discuss existing events with other residents and with property management staff.



Residents receive messages from the management office and respond to those messages. Residents can initiate inquiries to the management office and receive responses.


Maintenance Request

Residents submit a maintenance request with an optional photograph, opening a communication channel with the management office. Residents receive maintenance updates.


Rent Payment

Residents pay rent through the app using a photo of a check.


Residents who feel connected to other residents are more likely to renew their lease and stay a part of your community.

Empower Managers

The RadiusBlue mobile application allows managers to:

  • Visualize lease expirations over time so that staff can plan for months of greater and lesser activity.

  • Create and maintain personal relationships with residents through tools that humanize interactions.

  • Monitor the apartment complex's online presence.

Tap Menu or Swipe Left and Right


Staff can view a visualization of leases that are expiring in the critical months. From the admin dashboard, staff can contact residents who own those leases through email, in-app messaging, or text messaging.



Humanize relationships with tenants through resident profiles, as well as tools that allow staff to easily communicate with residents and manage community activities.


Maintenance Request

Staff can view, manage, and respond to maintenance requests.



By capturing and analyzing your data, we give you detailed, actionable information on your customers. Staff can view reports about the apartment complex focused around lease renewals by bedroom over the years.



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